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In the marine world, both young and old visitors can be found for a while on the seabed without a mask and flippers.

The magic of the seabed and the experience of "diving" in such a familiar and wild world, such as the maritime world of the Mediterranean, is transferred to the marine park located in Heraklion, Crete, just 15 km away from the city center.

CretΑquarium is an expert in presenting species and ecosystems of the Mediterranean, a sea of unique biodiversity that gave birth to ancient civilizations and welcomes millions of visitors every year from all over the world. Offering 60 tanks of different sizes, containing a total amount of 1,700,000 litres of sea water, it is home to 2000 sea animals, 200 different species found in the Mediterranean basin.

In the area of CretΑquarium there are 100 different observation points, which allow visitors to see at close range, from large impressive sharks to the eerie jellyfishes and tiny hippos and spectacular jellyfish. The variety of marine life is highlighted against the backdrop of underwater landscapes of Crete, such as the rocks of Matala and the bottom of the Vai.

The aquarium supports guided tours with modern audiovisual media and innovative interactive applications, such as video projectors, microscopic observations with microscopes and stereoscopes, and observations inside the aquariums with a perforated septum.

Cretaquarium remains open throughout the year.

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