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Agios Nikolaos - Kritsa - Elounda - Spinaloga

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7 hours ( 4 stops )

About the excursion

Our exploration to the East side of the island begins with the beautiful city of Agios Nikolaos, where we can enjoy a traditional greek coffee, by the reflective waters of the lake. Then we will head to one of the oldest and most historic villages, Kritsa. After our walk around the village and getting to know local people we take the road to the cosmopolitan gulf of Elounda and visit one of the most historic places of Crete, the famous island of Spinalonga.

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Excursion guide, Agios Nikolaos - Kritsa - Elounda - Spinaloga Excursion guide


This small island with such a long history is located north of the gulf of Elounda. All over the island there is a fortress that over the years has been engraved by the history of ancient Greece, as well as the fortress of the Venetians and the Turks. From 1903 the island was a place for lepers to stay and served patients from Crete. When Crete was united with the rest of Greece at 1913, the island started to receive people from all over the country and in many cases from abroad and characterized as the International Leprosy Hospital. The island closed in 1957 with the cure of all patients. More than a thousand people visit the island every year, arriving there with small traditional boats that cross the clear blue waters from the area of Elounda, Agios Nikolaos and the village opposite the island, Plaka.

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Kritsa is only 10 km away from Agios Nikolaos and is one of the oldest villages in Crete. It is built amphitheatrically at the foot of Mount Kastellos at an altitude of 330 to 365 m.The inhabitants have managed to preserve an unchanged old architectural physiognomy of the village. Kritsa grew up during the Byzantine years, but the desolation came when the Arabs occupied Crete. From 961 the village began to be inhabited again and reached to be the largest village of Crete during the medieval period, from 12th to 16th century. Today the village is especially known around the world for its famous wefts.

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Elounda is only 10 km from the picturesque town of Agios Nikolaos. The first known name of the area was Olous and was a city-state. It dates back to 4000 BC and now most of that city is submerged under the sea with several of its ruins to be visible in the sea but also along the area of today's Elounda. It is now one of the most popular destinations on the island with a large number of hotels and restaurants. It is also known for its award-winning beaches and many celebrities visit it every year.

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Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos is one of the most beautiful cities in Crete. It's well known for its beautiful and award-winning beaches, its idyllic landscapes, restaurants and cafes.The main attraction of Agios Nikolaos is Lake Voulismeni or Lake of Agios Nikolaos as it is widely known. It is suitable for moments of relaxation along the lake and is very high in the preferences of both, tourists and locals of the island.

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