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Rethymno - Argyroupoli - Kournas Lake

creteprivatetransfer Rethymno - Argyroupoli - Kournas Lake

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6 hours ( 3 stops )

About the excursion

Our tour to the west side of the island begins with one of the best preserved medieval cities, Rethymnon, where we will walk among Venetian houses, arches and cobbled streets. If you want to escape the city center for a breath of fresh air, Argyroupoli and its waterfalls is the ideal excursion for you. There you will get to know cretan hospitality and you will taste fresh fruits,vegetables, olives, oregano and of course cretan virgin olive oil that all together give a special aroma to the traditional dishes served in the local tavernas. After we will enjoy our coffee, some kilometers away, in the famous lake of Kourna, the only freshwater lake in the Crete.

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Excursion guide, Rethymno - Argyroupoli - Kournas Lake Excursion guide


Rethymno is the third largest city in Crete. Its history dates back to the 4th century BC and grew up during the Venetian occupation.Today it's an attraction for thousands of tourists. Beautiful beaches, cafes and restaurants along the coast, the old town, the alleys, the small port and the fortress Fortezza are ideal to create a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Kournas Lake

Kournas Lake is one ofthelargest lakes in Crete. It is surrounded by a lush and enchanting landscape. It hosts several species of fish, while in the wider area you can find several species of birds and reptiles. Visiting the lake gives you the opportunity to walk around it, to cross it with a water bike as well as to enjoy local food in the restaurants around the lake.

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Argyroupoli is a traditional village that was built near the city of Rethymnon and the ancient site of Lappa. The area is famous for its springs, called Agia Dynami. Some of the area's attractions are a mosaic of the Roman period and just beyond the village you can visit an ancient necropolis, as well as a tree that is several centuries old. There are also many beautiful springs and old mills in the area. A lot of locals and tourists visit Argyroupoli every year, where they combine walks and traditional dishes in this enchanting landscape.

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