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Winery - Thrapsano village

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4 HOURS ( 2 stops )

About the excursion

Our excursion begin with an exploring in the Cretan countryside by visiting a renowned winery, where you will be informed about winemaking and take part in a guided wine tasting. Also you will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious local lunch and get a masterclass in Cretan cuisine winery tour and cooking class. After the experience of wine tasting, we will head to Thrapsano, which is undoubtedly considered the largest pottery center in Crete. We will visit laboratories where we will have the opportunity to get to know the art of pottery and see designs of ceramic pots that were found in archaeological sites of the Minoan period .

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In the vineyard there are some unique Cretan wines, including Scalarea and Fantaxometocho. During its first era the vineyard has focused on the Kotsifali, Syrah, Chardonnay and Malvasia Aromatica, Vidiano, Assyrtiko and Mavrotragano varieties.Via guided tours at the vineyard and the winery, the visitor has the opportunity to experience the special delights of wine: the art of wine tasting, “vertical” wine tasting, as well as enjoy the wines alongside those dishes and flavours which traditionally complement them in the specially constructed reception hall.

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Thrapsano village

Thrapsano village is located in roughly 30 km south-eastern from Heraklion and is built in an altitude of 340m. In Thrapsano village live 1,400 inhabitants and it is well known for its pottery, a hereditary profession taught by parents to their children. Apart from pottery, the people of Thrapsano village are also engaged in agriculture (vineyards, olives) and less in animal husbandry. According to one version, the name of the village came from thrapsala, the shells of broken vessels that abound around the kilns.


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